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07/08/2018: We love trucks and drivers

RTANZ  supports a campaign by Truck and Driver magazine in association with the Road Transport Forum, called “We Love Trucks and Drivers”.

It is high time the New Zealand public became more aware of the important part that the road transport industry plays in the success and development of New Zealand’s economy and the good things truck drivers do every day on our roads, says NZ Truck and Driver Business Development Manager, Olivia Beauchamp.

She says this is a great time to launch the campaign after the success of video footage released by a trucking company in Northland highlighting the daily risk truck drivers are up against on our roads due to the actions of other road.

“The ‘We Love Trucks and Drivers’ campaign kicked off June 29 with the launch of a viral online video with the hope of gaining some external appreciation of our industry and what we deliver to these people on a daily basis to help their lives continue as normal. The campaign launch achieved 89,000 reach and 520 shares throughout New Zealand only.

“As part of this campaign we will be looking for drivers in our industry to come forward and tell us who they are and what they do so we can start to highlight some specifics across all our platforms. This is where you may be able to help us.”

The Truck Driver Hero award has been re-launched as part of this campaign. Organisers have secured Castrol as the major sponsor of this award, which will be presented at the RTF Annual conference in September.

The main focus will be “Truck Driver Appreciation week” from September 17 to 23.

Find out more at Truck and Driver Facebook Page.

Find out more about nominating a Truck Driver Hero.






13/08/2018: Warning on safety barriers plan

RTANZ Chief Executive Dennis Robertson says a new government initiative, “Safe Roads and Roadsides – Indicative Investment Programme”, has potential problems that the association wants to highlight on behalf of members.

Robertson says the program has good intentions and is aimed at reducing the risk of vehicles running off the road by putting in wire rope barriers or Armco barriers.

However, RTANZ members in Region Two have raised potential problems this may cause.

“What they noted is that the wire rope barriers are being installed along the side of State Highways but too close to the fogline. This is not allowing enough room for any car or truck to pull off the road in case of breakdown or other reason to stop.

“Given the foggy conditions in these areas, coupled with the high level of heavy commercial vehicle traffic, there is a significant risk of any parked vehicle being rear ended.

“There is also the risk of a vehicle crossing the centre line to go around a parked vehicle and hitting an oncoming vehicle.  

“Often the installations are completed over significant lengths of the network with little to no opportunity for trucks to be significantly enough away from the live lane particularly for emergency stopping or repair requirements.

“These installations are often in fact putting all road users at risk (not just truck drivers), including those who have to affect a repair on the side of the road. There is also a significant risk posed to workers who then have to maintain these systems when they are damaged.

“Another problem is that in many locations if a heavy motor vehicle does break down in the live lane there is no room to get another truck past.

“This is a good example of rushing into doing good things before we really understand the full implications. This is not a bid to stop good thing happening or even slowing down the progress of good intentions. What we should do is have better involvement in the planning and implementation of these projects to cross check that they will deliver the best benefits.

“Just involve us! Just think of the value that could have been added if you involved the user of the system!”