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20/11/2018: MPI reminder about Food Act requirements

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has issued a reminder to transport operators involved in food and food product distribution that they need to be registered under the Food Act 2014.

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21/12/2018: $1.4 billion for road safety upgrades

The Government has announced a $1.4 billion, three-year plan to make roads safer.

The Safe Network Programme will include median and side barriers, rumble strips and shoulder widening on 870km of state highways. There will also be speed limit changes for those roads considered to be the most dangerous, as well as more speed cameras.

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21/12/2018: NZTA cracking down on compliance

Changes to the way the NZ Transport Agency regulates the heavy vehicle transport sector will have a major impact on members.

The agency has announced it is getting tough on enforcement as part of its extensive review of compliance.

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10/01/2019: NZTA lists subjects of compliance review

The NZ Transport Agency has named individuals, companies, and organisations and the action it is taking against them following safety reviews.

The agency has pledged to get tough on compliance following several vehicle certifiers having their certifications revoked because of safety breaches.

These actions are ongoing and will affect members who may have to get their vehicles recertified. So far the Government has offered no compensation to road transport operators who face extra costs as a result of the NZTA action.
The update contains information on compliance requirements for different categories, including vehicle inspectors, course providers, heavy vehicle certifiers, heavy vehicle drivers, and transport service licence operators. It has a guide to formal actions and potential outcomes, and a list of enforcement actions that are currently underway.

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