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18/07/2017: A big thanks from RTANZ members

Members caught out by the recent weather bomb in the central North Island would like to thank those that came to their rescue.

The Army were so helpful rescuing drivers from stranded vehicles and taking them back to the Waiouru Army Camp where they were treated to warm barracks, cosy beds and several nice hot meals until being taken back to their stranded units as the weather allowed.

They would also like to give a big shout out to Police, NZTA, Downers and the teams from Kui Griffin and Kernohan Transport who are invaluable in these situations towing equipment to safety. So soak up the accolades troops you deserve every word.

Thanks on behalf of all of our members.

05/07/2017: Constructsafe: NZTA do not recognise alternatives

Contractors entering NZTA sites are required to adopt Constructsafe training.

Greater focus on occupational health and safety has led to the development of more intense work site policy and criteria. Members may recall ACC in conjunction with industry developed the Drivesafe regime some years back. At the time of its development it was the only regime catering for the road freight transport industry.

More recently Constructsafe entered that scene. The principle difference between it and the others is that NZTA is one of Constructsafe’s member organisations and is actively promoting it. Constructsafe does not recognise Drivesafe or Sitesafe accreditation.

From 1 July 2017 the NZ Transport Agency mandates the minimum requirement of ConstructSafe Tier 1 for entry across all contracts/work sites.

ConstructSafe update

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06/07/2017: Industry Award nominations now open 

RTF and its associations are urging all members and transport operators to get their nominations in for the prestigious 2017 Road Transport Industry Awards.

The four awards are the Industry Innovation Award, Outstanding Contribution to Training, Outstanding Contribution to Health and Safety and the Supreme Contribution to New Zealand Road Transport.

Nominations are also open for the New Zealand Road Transport Hero Award, which recognises the actions of a member of the road freight industry who, in the course of their normal workday, saves or attempts to save another person from harm.

Criteria and nomination forms can be accessed at the RTF website.

So, if there is someone in your company or in the broader industry that you believe deserves recognition for their efforts get their nomination in. Don’t delay!