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08/04/2019: Certifications revoked following Patrick Chu investigation

The NZ Transport Agency has immediately revoked the certifications of around 300 drawbars and drawbeams on heavy vehicles and trailers.

Up to 1,700 further certifications have also been revoked, but the vehicle owners will either be eligible to apply for exemptions, or in most cases, will have exemptions automatically applied.

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15/02/2019: Auckland Regional Fuel Tax Exemptions

Rebates and exemptions from the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax are available for some end users. The exemptions came into force on December 21, 2018, and apply to:

  • diesel used for home heating and water heating
  • diesel used for electricity generation by non-commercial organisations
  • petrol and diesel used in road registered vehicles that are used exclusively or predominantly off-road
  • petrol and diesel supplied inside a regional fuel tax region but subsequently transported for on-sale outside that region


If you think you may be eligible, please retain any documents that show proof of purchase of delivery of petrol and diesel (and their bio-variants).

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01/03/2019: Operator Rating System (ORS) update

Members should no longer rely on the Operator Rating System (ORS) as a measure of a commercial transport operator’s performance and safety, the NZ Transport Agency says.

The agency says ORS is no longer an accurate tool owing to a variety of factors. These include insufficient data being provided by police, as well as the emergence of “pre-CoFing” – a practice where compliance issues are checked and fixed before undertaking a formal Certificate of Fitness (CoF) assessment, which is recorded for input into the ORS.

The agency also says “system limitations” mean the ORS does not include other significant safety and compliance information.

The agency says it is now up to any person or business who wants assurance of an operator’s safety and compliance to request information from that operator. “Operators should be able to demonstrate the safety systems and processes they have in place to achieve this.”

The agency is reviewing ORS and has put issuing of ratings on hold. Rating letters were due to be sent out to operators in February. “The ORS review is still scheduled to commence in the first quarter of this year and is now likely to be considered in the context the wider regulatory compliance review. Please be assured that the review will seek input from key stakeholders including industry to scope future options.

“One potential option is developing a new accurate, evidence-based measurement system that incorporates a wide range of safety and compliance measures. As you will appreciate our future system must be fit for purpose, durable and contribute to increased safety and compliance across the commercial transport sector.”

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04/03/2019: Additional measures for exporters needed in response to fruit fly discovery

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has issued new requirements for exporters in response to the discovery of fruit fly in Auckland.

MPI has implemented an Export Restriction Zone (ERZ) around the Northcote, Auckland detection site. Fruit fly host material cannot be harvested, packed or stored in this zone.

Host material intended for export that transits ERZ must be harvested, packed and stored outside the ERZ, and pest-proofed during transit.

These requirements apply only to host material intended for export to countries that name Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni) as a quarantine pest.

An up-to-date host list for Queensland fruit fly host material is available here.

Detailed requirements and guidance for the export of fruit fly host material are available here.

These requirements are in addition to Controlled Area requirements.

The Controlled Area is managed separately to the ERZ. More information on transiting the controlled areas, as well as more details about the fruit fly discovery, is available on the MPI website here.

01/03/2019: Road conditions and road closures

NZTA provide regulary updated information about current road conditions and closures.

If this is usefull we suggest you bookmark this page in your browser.

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21/12/2018: NZTA cracking down on compliance

Changes to the way the NZ Transport Agency regulates the heavy vehicle transport sector will have a major impact on members.

The agency has announced it is getting tough on enforcement as part of its extensive review of compliance.

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10/01/2019: NZTA lists subjects of compliance review

The NZ Transport Agency has named individuals, companies, and organisations and the action it is taking against them following safety reviews.

The agency has pledged to get tough on compliance following several vehicle certifiers having their certifications revoked because of safety breaches.

These actions are ongoing and will affect members who may have to get their vehicles recertified. So far the Government has offered no compensation to road transport operators who face extra costs as a result of the NZTA action.
The update contains information on compliance requirements for different categories, including vehicle inspectors, course providers, heavy vehicle certifiers, heavy vehicle drivers, and transport service licence operators. It has a guide to formal actions and potential outcomes, and a list of enforcement actions that are currently underway.

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