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Career Pathways: Why join the trucking industry?

You probably already have some ideas of what trucking is all about. But you might be surprised to learn it offers new opportunities. Some you might not have thought about before – especially around technology and the future.

Transportation and logistics are one of the most significant sectors for economic development and makes a significant contribution to the New Zealand economy, and provides young people with excellent opportunities for pursuing careers.

The trucking industry is changing as the whole world faces new challenges in transport. By joining now, you’ll literally get a front seat in an exciting and evolving profession.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience.

Skills and responsibility. Imagine you’re in charge of a 50-tonne, 22m truck, with two trailers and 18 wheels, thundering along the nation’s highways. That’s an awesome responsibility – and it requires super skills of concentration, observation, and fast reflexes. Plus, comprehensive knowledge of vehicle and road rules. Think you’re up for the challenge? Why not find out more, or perhaps have a go in a truck simulator?

New technology. Trucks are changing. More automation is coming. More new features. Like in-cab safety systems and electronic route advisories that keep you up to date with changing road conditions in real time. More eco-friendly technology. Electric trucks are already here. Big manufacturers are also working on autonomous vehicles – but they’ll still need people with the skills to handle them. Roads are changing, too. Expect to see “intelligent” roads that offer safer, faster routes. Old systems and ways of thinking will go the way of the steam engine. Be innovative. Be part of the solution.

Freedom. This is the age-old reason truck drivers give why they love their job. You’re not stuck behind a desk all day. See the country. Your office is a traveling picture show; an ever-changing panorama of New Zealand’s dramatic landscape.

Growth opportunities. Driving a truck is only one possible job, however. The industry also offers roles in vehicle and fleet management, business development, and logistics. You don’t have to stick to doing the same thing forever. You can continue to learn new skills and get new qualifications on the job.

Make a difference. No matter whether you drive a massive linehaul truck or a small delivery van, or whether you work in an administration, management, or support role, the trucking industry plays a vital role in keeping the lifeblood of New Zealand’s economy pumping. Look around you. Virtually everything you see – your phone, your furniture, the clothes you’re wearing – were all transported by truck. You’re helping New Zealand and New Zealanders keep on moving.

Meeting people. Don’t imagine you’ll be alone. The trucking industry and the Road Transport Association of New Zealand are a place to share, learn, and meet other people. You may make friends for life.

Contact information of transport operators who would like to hear from you.

Bay of Plenty region

Taylor Bros Logo

Taylor Bros Transport Ltd Andrew Taylor 0274 932 718 email website
Waikato region

Matai Transport logo

Matai Transport Ltd Tony Burling 0274 969922 email No website
Hawke's Bay region

Emmerson transport Logo

Emmerson Transport Ltd Russell Holland 06 873 0667 email website
Wellington region

Tranzport Solutions log

Tranzport Solutions Aaron Shackleton 027 534 0940 email website
Canterbury region

Hilton Haulage logo

Hilton Haulage Brittney Bowie 03 687 4013 email website

Waimea Contract Carriers Logo.jpg

Waimea Contract Carriers Ltd Craig Sim  027 555 7766 email No website


Frews Contracting Ltd Barry Taylor  027 224 3251 email No website